Face RF

Face RF

At Trim N Tight we always strive to give the best services to our client. Your satisfaction is our reward.  After introducing many therapies like Cryoarctic, Slenderize Heat, Trimming Light and Fat Melting Therapy, we now offer Face RF.

There are four types of therapies namely ultrasonic, radiofrequency (RF), lipo laser and cryolipolysis. At Trim N Tight we use all these therapies except lipo laser.

For tightening the skin on face we use RF. This therapy kills only the fat cells and promotes collagen production.

What is Face RF?

The skin on face loosens up because of biomolecular changes. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatments available to tighten up the skin. Despite the fact that surgical procedures show a slight better result than non- surgical procedures, people are constantly looking for treatments where no surgery is involved. This is happening because there are many risks involved with a surgery while non-surgical procedures are painless. The time taken by non- surgical treatment is also less as compared to surgeries. Sometimes the surgery may not turn out to be well. Therefore, people take slow but safer approach.

Among non- surgical procedures, many people go for those treatments where radiofrequencies are used as a mode of treatment. Face RF is one such treatment.

Main objective of Face RF is to give you a toned and firm skin so as to make you look more radiant and young. This is done by using radio frequency energy which heats the skin without damaging the outer skin of the face.

How it’s done?

RF heats the skin because of which there is titillation of epidermal collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. RF energy penetrates into the skin affecting deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers. This results in the reduction of the fine lines and tightening of the loose skin without causing any harm to the top layer of the skin. RF remodels the tissues and encourages the production of new collagen and elastin. Once the therapy is completed you can experience the change yourself.

Face RF includes treating the area under the eyes, jaw line, the forehead, cheeks, neck and the mid-face of any skin color. Sagging skin in any of the above area is tightened with this procedure.


Prior to the treatment you may be told to wash your face so as to remove any makeup from your skin which could interfere with the application and result of the RF treatment.

Then a gel based cream is applied on your face. It is followed by an even application of the RF by the hand piece of the device so as to avoid overlapping.

The clinician will then start the RF treatment working across your face. This procedure will last up to 30 minutes. Once completed a gel or lotion may be applied to sooth your skin.

There is no discomfort associated with this treatment but some people who have sensitive skin may face mild redness of the skin but it becomes normal immediately. You can even go to your work or do other activities right after the treatment.


Apart from tightening the lax skin this therapy also has other benefit. When performed on abdomen, arms and thighs it melts excess fat and improves the shape of the body by contouring it. This results in instant inch loss.

It reduces the wrinkles and gives a natural glow to the face.


It is advised that one should not smoke or drink alcohol at least three days before undergoing face RF. Drinking alcohol may affect the final result of the treatment.

Also, drink ample amount of water so that your body is well hydrated

Before getting an appointment for this treatment, make sure that your face is free from any skin irritation. For example, if you recently got sun burned then you should wait for some days so that your skin recovers completely. Otherwise additional heat on the skin will further burn the already damaged skin. That would do more harm than any good.

Keep a gap of minimum 5 days between two successive face RF sessions. This will give some time to your body to adjust to the new changes.

People having skin infection or any skin related disease then this treatment is not meant for them.

Stay away from this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

People who have got any devise in their body like pacemaker or metal implants are not eligible to undergo this procedure.

Skin of some women is more sensitive before and during their menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is recommended that you schedule your appointment keeping this information in your mind.

Post Treatment Care

There are no particular instructions which are to be followed after the treatment. Sometimes you may be given a soothing lotion or gel and told to wash your face with cold water if you have a sensitive skin.


RF energy treatment is a good option for those people who are looking for non-surgical skin tightening treatment. It is safe and takes less time as compared to surgical procedures. It not only makes you look younger but rejuvenates your face as well.

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