Cryoarctic Therapy

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Cryoarctic Therapy

Cryoarctic Therapy

Cryoarctic therapy is a nonsurgical slimming procedure that lasts for 30 minutes. An expert uses a device that freezes the fat cells under the skin. Once the fat cells get destroyed, they are slowly broken down and ejected from the body by the liver. It is a much safer fat reducing therapy as compared to traditional procedures like liposuction.

How it works?

This therapy freezes fat. It can penetrate the skin for 6 to 8mm and gives results after 6 to 9 weeks.

  • The measurement of full body is taken.
  • The client is told to drink 4 glasses or 1 liter of water.
  • A gel based cream is applied on area that is to be treated.
  • Cryo tissues are applied on the desired area.
  • Two cups are then placed on the desired area so as to create a vacuum. This suction pulls excess fat.
  • Each cup is kept on for 15 minutes, making the total time of therapy 30 minutes.
  • The measurement is then taken after 2-3 weeks.

A gap of 72 hours or 3 days should be there between two successive sessions. Results can be seen after 2-3 weeks depending on your body type.

Body regions where cryoarctic therapy can be performed include:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks and under the buttocks
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Under the chin or upper neck
  • Under the armpit

Currently, at Trim N Tight we perform cryoacrtic therapy on abdomen only.

Many people do not feel any kind of discomfort during this procedure, aside from a tugging sensation where the skin is between the suction cups. But some people with sensitive skin may feel mild discomfort around the area of treatment. They may feel redness, tenderness and may have a tingling sensation. Most of these effects will reduce or go away within a few days. It is normal so you don’t need to worry.

People do not need any recovery time after this procedure as it does not involve any cutting, anesthesia or tissue manipulation. In fact, you can resume your normal activities immediately after the therapy.


  • Removes cellulites from the treated area
  • No recovery time needed
  • Gives natural results and tightens the lose skin
  • Less risk of regaining weight as fat cells are actually destroyed and removed from the body
  • Lowers the amount of fat cells in the treated area by 20-25%
  • A low-risk procedure for many people

Who should not go for this therapy?

Cryoarctic therapy is considered to be a safe and effective way to reduce the fat cells in a small target area. Keep in mind that this is not a form of weight loss and is not recommended for treating of obesity. Main purpose of this procedure is to help dissolve the stubborn fat cells that usually only shrink through dieting.

People who suffer from certain conditions that weaken or change the body’s ability to handle the cold can also face serious medical complications.

If you have any of the following conditions then stay away from cryoarctic therapy:

  • Inflammatory skin conditions, such as dermatitis and hives
  • During pregnancy
  • Severe anxiety disorder
  • active, implanted medical devices, such as pacemaker
  • People with nerve conditions like diabetic neuropathy
  • Skin conditions related to the immune system
  • Chronic pain conditions


Fat cells are destroyed and removed from the body after this therapy. This means the same fat cells cannot return or increase in size with weight gain.

It can be said that this procedure is a low-risk option for removing your stubborn fat.

This procedure can help you regain your self-confidence, especially when it is combined with weight loss achieved through a healthful diet.

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